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In our opinion, living in a house has little to do with owning bricks and roof tiles but should be all about you. It is the space where you feel at home, feel safe and where you can truly be yourself.

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Tulp Makelaars Broker for Expats

Emile Krekelberg

 senior advisor expats

Buying or selling a home is a big and often emotional decision. You can use all the help you can get. Especially in a country and in a language that is not your own. At Tulp Makelaars Broker for Expats you get your own team, which provides you with advice in all areas: purchase and sale of a house and suitable mortgage. 

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Financial guidance to your dream house

Looking for a nice apartment in Amsterdam? Or a nice terraced house in Alkmaar? A spacious villa in Hilversum? Whatever your housing needs are, your search starts with us. We will guide you through the jungle of financing options and different money providers.

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